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Hello, I'm Wawa . 17 . Represent to you stories of my life . If you don't like it , go ahead . Take your own risk . =)

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Jaejin & Hongki - Wake up. Hongki is looking for you
Tuesday, 20 December 2011 | 0 comments


i hope hongki say to me that words..aww!!! very cute...oppa!!! where are you ?????????? palliwa....wake up me from my dreams....huhuuhuhhu...harini wawa asyik tengok youtube make me crazy watching this video actually hear Hongki voice...very cute...wawa rasew macam die cakap kat wawa je..ngeee..hopefully...kalaulah someone cakap kat wawa..

Wawa !!!!!!!!!! Hongki looking for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

mungkin wawa nangis agaknye ..ialah teruja sangat plus terharru...bile la Hongki looking for me..jebal...

then Hongki cakap this is for you !!!!...omg