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Hello, I'm Wawa . 17 . Represent to you stories of my life . If you don't like it , go ahead . Take your own risk . =)

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U are makin' me crazy...
Tuesday, 25 October 2011 | 0 comments x taw knape ngn aq nie...can u stop doing this.....
asl la aq nie..dh2 la 2 najwa jng la skit kn hati sendri..udh2 le 2..why??xyah ko nk sush2 kn idop ko 2
just let it a strong girl 2 face this..god will help you..always pray.ok..don't be like this..please don't do that..jangan ko hancurkan idop ko kerane die..please..keep movin' on..just study 4 ur exam..focus don't think about him...maybe u can see him in ur heart but he....he doesn't know...Ya Allah tolong la hambamu ini..