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Hello, I'm Wawa . 17 . Represent to you stories of my life . If you don't like it , go ahead . Take your own risk . =)

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aYaT PaliNg BaNgGanG...
Thursday, 3 March 2011 | 0 comments
apa beza BENGANG dgn BANGANG?org BANGANG jrg BENGANG tp org BENGANG sllu wt kje BANGANG.awk BENGANG tak dpt msj ni ?xpew jgn BENGANG nnt jd BANGANG.kalo awk rsa xnk jd BANGANG .4ward msj ni kt org laen yg awk rse BANGANG.jgn mra sy anta msj ni , sy pon dpt msj ni dr c BANGANG yg tga BENGANG,tp jgn anta kt org yg tga BENGANG ,kng awk plak yg kena BANGANG .ble awk dh kne BANGANG,otomatik awk plak yg BENGANG.btol x?HAHA